Located in Lakewood I spend much of my time in Ohio City & Downtown for work and other interests. I wasn't born here, but I've come to love the city of Cleveland and what it's got to offer.

Having worked with programming languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, and Python for dynamic web sites there is no project too large or small.

I've migrated over to native iOS and Android development and the creation and consumption of the APIs for the app's use.

I'm always interested in learning and discussing about new projects that people have ideas for.


Working Languages: Swift, C#, [Objective-C], PHP, SQL, vb.NET, ASP.NET, Java, HTML5 Standards, Python

Frameworks: SlimPHP, phpfox, Angular, Wordpress, Spring Boot

Containers: Docker

Cloud Computing: AWS & Azure

Server Configuration: LAMP, Redhat, Debian, Amazon AWS, Redhat OpenShift, Service Stack

eCommerce Solutions: Volusion, Paypal, USA ePay, Authorize.NET

Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB




BLERails is a start-up I've been working on where the product sold is a custom module for model train enthusiats. I custom designed the PCB, solder on all of the componenets and program the BLE module on board each module. The app that I wrote for iOS for it allows the user to then control the model train's speed, direction and lights with their phone (sound control soon to come).


Workslice is a web platform that includes both a consumer end and a client end in which studies can be performed on workspaces. These studies once configured on the portl-side are consumable by employees of the client and are able to be consumed ideally on the iOS and Android apps with the ability to partake in the study via a responsive site.


Budge is a personal finance app that I've been writing. It's geared mostly for my own personal use; however, I'm not opposed to releasing it in the app store provided that I have enough feedback that I should do so.

People often ask me if I've tried products like Mint and the answer is Yes, I have. The thing that Budge allows me to do that others don't is the ability to add future entries in the ledger. Doing this allows the user to see how a purchase or financial decision today can affect their finances in the long run. By entering in all of the monthly recurring payments the user can see today where they can be financially in 6 months or even a year from today.

Budge wasn't designed or built to be a tool to determine where your money is going, but how a decision today impacts you tomorrow.


Wolters Kluwer Health

At WK I'm a member of an agile team providing my iOS competencies as a subject matter expert.

DXY Solutions

While at DXY Solutions I worked on several different projects for DXY's clients. The two most visible projects I worked on was Akron City School's web site relaunch and Cleveland Museum of Art's Senufo App, both of which I was the lead developer. Other projects I worked on at DXY involve practices such as usage only on approved wi-fis, geofencing, online/offline synchronization, Angular, .NET Service Stack and iBeacons...to just name a few.

Corporate Screening Services

Aside from maintaining other platforms and systems which Corporate Screening used, I was the lead developer and also the designer for the VerifyStudents.com Web Application rewrite. Granted the business logic remained the same but the updated design and framework were rewritten, both of which I designed, developed, and implemented. I was also involved in a few of the integrations that took place while I was there such as with Taleo after their acquisition by Oracle.